• Luke

    May 18, 2020 at 4:33 pm

    Uptrennd.com; Social Media Built By Content Creators, For Content Creators!

    – Less than 16 months old!

    -No ICO or Paid Marketing!

    -110,000 members & growing fast!

    -80% of profits go back into the community!

    -Monetized Upvotes! Be rewarded for the value you add!

    -Respects your privacy & data!

    -A positive environment where people like to learn & support eachother instead of trolling.

    -The Most Engaged Crypto Social Media Platform!

    Since the start of Jan 2020, Uptrennd has seen a 60% increase in total members, welcoming around 1000 new faces a day!

    How do you see social media in 5 years? Will content creators have more control because of platforms like Uptrennd?

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